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Free Yoga Therapy with an IIYT Clinical Extern

IIYT is among the first accredited yoga therapy program in Michigan and among the first yoga therapy certification programs in the United States to be held under the auspices of a hospital. The benefit of seeing a trained yoga therapist, who is cognizant of the scope of practice and boundaries, is central to maintaining safe, responsible and effective, whole person healing environments specifically dedicated to the applications of yoga therapy.  All aspects of yoga therapy are to be fully and transparently discussed, disclosed, approved through empirical evidence.

Everyone can receive up to FOUR FREE one-hour One-On-One Yoga Therapy sessions on ZOOM.

IIYT FREE yoga therapy one-on-one sessions fill up very quickly!


Click the button below to download and view the sign up form. Please follow the instructions on the form to fill it out electronically and save.

Send your completed form to

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