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Level IV

Post Graduate Specialization in Yoga Therapy Fellowship 

Level IV Post Graduate Fellowship in Yoga Therapy: Welcome


What is the IIYT Post Graduate Specialization in Yoga Therapy Fellowship Program?

     The IIYT Post Graduate Specialization in Yoga Therapy Fellowship (Level IV) is a pioneering program designed to advance evidence-based yoga therapy within a chosen clinical subspecialty. The IIYT Fellowship (Level IV) is a funded academic opportunity supporting dedicated, specialized interests in professional and academic development. The money awarded to the IIYT Fellow does not need to be paid back. Commitments, such as completion of a particular project or teaching other students may be required as a part of the Fellowship stipend. Participating in a Fellowship program can have a positive effect in career advancement. The IIYT Fellowship program acknowledges academic accomplishments, leadership, dedicated pursuit in advancing evidence-based yoga therapy through innovative, funded, specialized development.

      The IIYT Post Graduate Specialization in Yoga Therapy Fellowship Program involves specialized yoga therapy clinical work  and research. Areas of specialization include, but are not limited to, cardiology, pain management, internal medicine, oncology, neurology, pediatrics, ob-gyn, integrative medicine, palliative care, and physical therapy. 
Applicants awarded the IIYT Fellowship are involved in fundamentals of research such as data collection/study design/statistical analysis leading to the Fellow’s scientific presentation/publication. The research also might involve participation in relevant Grand Rounds and departmental patient pathology review sessions.  Clinical and research schedules are determined individually by agreement between the Fellow, the research team, and IIYT Fellowship Directors. IIYT Fellowship Directors maintain regular communication with the clinical team regarding project developments, Fellow participation, and accountability. The IIYT Fellow will meet regularly with IIYT Fellowship Directors.

Admission to the program
    Consideration as a candidate for the IIYT Post Graduate Specialization in Yoga Therapy Fellowship Program includes substantiation of C-IYAT certification, a completed application, and a two-part interview.

The application requires the candidate to describe the following:

1) The basis for selection of specialization

2) Identification of an individual or group representing a supporting clinical environment aligned with and expressing support of the candidate’s specialized interest

3) Proposed preliminary research concept including objective, methodology and outcome

4) Description of clinical activities relative to the project.

   A preliminary application review interview is conducted with the candidate and IIYT Fellowship Directors.  A second interview is conducted with the candidate, the medical team representing the candidate’s area of specialization, and the IIYT Fellowship Directors.
   The due date for submitting the IIYT Level IV program application is on or before December 1 of any year. Notification of the Fellowship awardee is on January 15th of the following year. Only one Fellowship will be awarded for any given year. Applications may be re-submitted at any time. The Fellowship Directors will be able to consider advanced degrees i.e., MD or PhD for acceptance.

Fellowship Funding
Accepted IIYT Post Graduate Specialization in Yoga Therapy Fellows are awarded $1,000 payable in quarterly installments.

Criteria for Completion
Successful completion of the Fellowship program is determined by compliance with hospital, organizational and institutional protocols and submission of a research paper to a peer reviewed journal or oral/poster presentation of research at an
International or national meeting.

Contact information:  Interested and qualified individuals are encouraged to contact IIYT through the IIYT website: or by phone: 248-840-9444 or email for additional information.

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