Level IV

Post Graduate Specialization in Yoga Therapy Fellowship



What are health care fellowships?

Fellowships are advanced training opportunities generally offered after the completion of a degree and/or advanced training.  Fellowships are generally 1-2 years in duration and focus on the professional development of the fellow. Participating in a fellowship program can be a great way to transition into a long-term career.

What is an IIYT fellowship in yoga therapy?
The IIYT Fellowship in Yoga Therapy Specialization (Level IV) is a groundbreaking program focusing on specialization and research in yoga therapy. Modeled after the medical fellowship, training is geared towards providing yoga therapy expertise in medical subspecialties.

The fellowship is an up to two-year program with 500 hours of specialized yoga therapy training. The graduates of the program will receive certification through IIYT as a Certified Yoga Therapy Specialist (C-YTS).


The IIYT Fellowship in Yoga Therapy Specialization involves dedicated one-on-one or small group physician referred patient encounters in medical specialties including but not limited to cardiology, pain management, internal medicine, oncology, neurology, pediatrics, ob-gyn, integrative medicine, palliative care and physical therapy.  Fellows are mentored by medical professionals in tandem with IIYT attending faculty and research advisors. 300 hours are dedicated to on-site or virtual clinical training within the Fellow’s chosen field of specialization. An additional 200 hours are allocated to fundamentals of research such as data collection/study design/statistical analysis leading to the Fellow’s scientific presentation/publication. The research might also involve participation in relevant Grand Rounds and departmental patient pathology review sessions.
Clinical and research schedules are determined individually by agreement between the fellow, the research team, and the academic and clinical advisor/directors. Start dates, therefore, are determined on an individual basis.

Start date
IIYT Specialization in Yoga Therapy Fellowship program is individually designed based on the fellow’s specialization selection(s). The fellows’ official start date is determined when all aspects of clinical scheduling and research design has been coordinated by the fellow, participating IIYT academic/research faculty and staff.  


Admission to the program
Prerequisites for consideration as a candidate for the IIYT Fellowship in Yoga Therapy Specialization is substantiation of C-IYAT certification, a completed application, and a candidate interview. The fellowship directors will be able to consider advanced degrees i.e., MD or PhD for acceptance. Please contact IIYT at 248-840-9444 for more information and to arrange for the initial interview.


Criteria for graduation
Completion of 500 hours of specialized yoga therapy program certified by the program director and the fellow’s advisor.
Submission of a research paper to a peer review journal or oral/poster presentation at a national meeting presenting the fellow’s research.


Fees and financial aid
Tuition for the IIYT Yoga Therapy Specialization Fellowship program in $5000 (five thousand).  Tuition covers all educational materials, research advisors, mentors, and clinical supervisors. 50% is due 4 weeks prior to fellows’ official start date (please see above, “Start Date’).
Please contact IIYT at 248-840-9444 for information regarding payment plans. Refunds are not available after the program start date.  

For more information and to receive an application please contact:
Veronica Zador at vzador@iiyogatherapy.com or call 248 840 9444