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 About the IIYT Level I Magnet School Initiative

IIYT is dedicated to fostering partnerships with 200-hour yoga teacher training programs demonstrating excellence in teaching and professional preparation. IIYT offers graduates of an IIYT Level I Magnet School priority access as well as financial compensation to advanced learning and certification as a yoga therapist.

Selected 200 Yoga Teacher Training Programs are eligible for distinction as an IIYT Level One Magnet School by the International Institute of Yoga Therapy.

Is your 200 Yoga Teacher Training Program one of them?

What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga therapy is a part of multidisciplinary health and medical treatment. It provides the patient with self-management techniques to benefit their overall health through effective and adaptive breathing, meditation and selected physical movement when appropriate.
Certification in yoga therapy involves advanced training, clinical experience, and exposure to research.

Tell me about the International Institute of Yoga Therapy.
The International Institute of Yoga Therapy, the only fully accredited yoga therapy program in Michigan, provides a dynamic curriculum dedicated to clinical applications of yoga therapy, didactic and experiential work in the field, and post-graduate specialization in yoga therapy fellowships. IIYT graduates are eligible for RYT 500 registration, the highest level offered through Yoga Alliance, as well as certification in yoga therapy (C-IAYT) with the International Association of Yoga Therapy.


What is an IIYT Level I Magnet School?
The IIYT Level I Magnet School is a prestigious designation. An IIYT Level I Magnet School is a Yoga Alliance registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program aligned with the standards of integrity and academic excellence of the International Institute of Yoga Therapy. An IIYT Level I Magnet school demonstrates a curriculum that prepares the motivated student for advanced study, experience, research, and certification in yoga therapy. 

What are the learning and financial benefits for students attending a 200 Hour program that has been designated as an IIYT Level I Magnet School?

  • Students successfully completing an IIYT Level I Magnet School 200 Hour yoga teacher training program are eligible for priority consideration for entrance to the IIYT programs of advanced study and certification in yoga therapy.

  • Priority Discounted Tuition: Students entering IIYT Level II receive a 20% tuition discount when applying from an IIYT Level I Magnet School.

  • Priority Discounted Registration for students attending the annual IIYT Consortium in Yoga Therapy. (CE credit)

  • In addition to their 200-hour curricula, students receive free, regular presentations on yoga therapy presented by IIYT Faculty. Talks are designed to provide the student with an introduction to clinical applications, research, and professional development in yoga therapy.

  • Participation in an IIYT Level I Magnet School provides students free access to Level III One-on-One Yoga Therapy Clinics.

  • Students in an IIYT Level I Magnet program receive free attendance to selected IIYT Level II lectures (CE credit)

  • Participation allows for collegiate academic activities with IIYT Level I Magnet Schools nation-wide.

Designated IIYT Magnet Schools
Namaste Yoga Center

Soul Nectar and Wellness


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