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Level I (RYS 200): Welcome
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Level I

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training


IIYT Level I Course Description
The International Institute of Yoga Therapy Level I program is an entry-level200-hour course of study focused on preparing the graduate for eventual certification clinical applications of yoga therapy. Graduates of the IIYT Level I program are eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 Level (RYT-200). The IIYT Level I curriculum is facilitated exclusively by the IIYT Faculty.

IIYT Level I sessions are conducted via ZOOM on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7:00 -9:30 PM EST and on selected Saturday and Sunday dates between 8:00 AM-5:00 PM EST.  Students will be required to document additional experiential teaching hours outside of the classroom setting and may be conducted via ZOOM or in-person.

IIYT is committed to and responsible for educational environments that support and demonstrate inclusivity of all gender, race, ethnicity, age, and psychosocial demographics at all times and will not tolerate, by overt or by implication, actions or speech from staff, faculty or students for any reason indicating otherwise. 
PLEASE NOTE: Students interested in submitting simultaneous applications for BOTH Levels I and II receive a discounted tuition at the time of submission of both Level I and Level II applications. Please refer to the Tuition, Scholarship, and Payment information, below.


Curriculum highlights include:

  • Introduction to the foundational aspects of yoga philosophy.

  • Introduction to yoga anatomy and progressive variations of yoga asana relative to common diseases and disorders

  • Effective, respectful, and meaningful language skills and communication

  • A focus on understanding the rationales, objectives and implementation involved in the design and delivery of safe, effective yoga techniques, including highlights of contraindications.

  • Instruction and practice in how to select appropriate movement, breathing and meditation techniques adhering to yoga therapy best practices.

  • Professional/business considerations

  • Exposure to clinical applications of yoga therapy.

  • Introduction to research and professional development in yoga therapy

  • Participation in the Level III One-on-One Yoga Therapy Free Clinic.

  • Mentored, supervised student teaching including supportive feedback and constructive review.

  • Attendance at selected Level II lectures.

  • Participation in the IIYT Clinical Extern Research Seminar.

Overview of IIYT Level I schedule of sessions
IIYT Level I sessions are conducted via ZOOM on Tuesday and Thursdays between 7:00 -9:30 PM. There are several Saturday and Sunday Intensive Sessions on selected dates throughout the Level I program. The Saturday Intensive sessions are scheduled between 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. No more than 3 absences are permitted for successful completion of the program. There are no make-up sessions. Students will need to have a laptop with a ZOOM app installed. Students will need to attend virtual sessions with the ZOOM video and audio feature turned on. Quizzes and learning assessments are offered to learners throughout the program. Student teaching is mentored and supervised. Documentation of additional experiential teaching progress reports is a requirement for graduation from the program.

As an educational environment the IIYT Level I attendance policy specifies that attendance is mandatory for learning to occur. IIYT requires attendance for each session as indicated on the Course Calendar. Three excused absences are permitted. Attendance is taken for all sessions, including tardiness and early departures.  It is fair and reasonable to consider that less than 70% attendance at any session compromises learning for the Level I student, negatively influences whole group processing, and affects professional standards. The Level I student will be considered absent from a session if the Level I student refrained from previously notifying and receiving confirmation from the facilitating IIYT Faculty or IIYT Program Director regarding tardiness (arriving 20 minutes or more after the scheduled session start time) and/or early dismissal (leaving more 20 minutes or more before the scheduled end-of-session). 


Sick/excused absent days
Due to the emphasis of virtual classroom study and simulated yoga therapy experience each student is entitled to no more than three excused absences.  In the event of sickness, considerations will be made on a one-to-one basis. There are no make-up sessions. IIYT does not record, stream, or provide access to any session. All IIYT students are considered a part of the program in perpetuity and for any session missed or for any session of interest, all IIYT students may attend any session even post-graduation.

Successful completion of the program is dependent upon compliance with ethical standards, attendance, and successful completion of assignments, quizzes, and exams.

All educational materials such as handouts, photographs, video, logo, emblems, and audio recordings which are distributed during the International Institute of Yoga Therapy Program are for my personal use only.  Photocopying, tampering, electronically duplicating or distribution/posting of material in any way is strictly prohibited.
Technical Challenges
IIYT acknowledges and extends appreciation and understanding for technical challenges resulting from the virtual learning platforms. Unless technical challenges are such that all learning activities necessitate cancelation, the Level II student will be required to participate via the dial-in by phone option offered on all ZOOM invitations.

Performance evaluations
There are evaluation rubrics substantiating practice teaching, quizzes and group assignments relative to instructional hours, and adherence with expectations of professional demeanor and teamwork.


Tuition, Scholarship, Discounts, Payment Plans, and Refund Policy  


The IIYT Level I program is $1, 800.00 less 10% for payment received in full 30 days prior to the first day of Level I.

Scholarships might be available for students submitting dual applications for Level I and Level II only.


Students interested in submitting simultaneous applications for BOTH Levels I and II receive a discounted tuition at the time of application to Level I. Please refer to the table below, indicating discounts for each level of registration.  



                          Full Tuition  Full Payment Discount      Tuition after discount        Tuition after scholarship

Level 1                      $1,800                $180                             $1,620                                    N/A

Level 2                     $3,800                $380                            $3,420                                  $1,800

Level 1 and 2            $5,600                $1,120                          $4,480                                  $3,600


Payment plans
Payment plan options are available for all IIYT levels of study.
Please contact for more information regarding payment plan options. 


Refund Policy
A full refund is available if a cancellation is received 30 days prior to the first day of Level I. All cancellations less than 30 days prior to the start of the program are eligible for a partial refund of 50% of monies paid. There is no refund after the start of the program.


IIYT reserves the right to terminate student participation in any portion of the International Institute of Yoga Therapy curriculum for unethical behavior and/or display of inappropriate behavior. Termination will be immediate under these circumstances and does not entitle the participant to any refund or reimbursement.


Conditions for withdrawal or dismissal
Students are required to pursue the course of study in its entirety.  Students may elect to attend any missed session in the semester immediately following their enrolled year however, such elective attendance is not considered to be a make-up session or does not compensate for absenteeism.
In the event of dismissal from the program will be no option for refunds or re-activating enrollment.
An International Institute of Yoga Therapy student may be dismissed for unsatisfactory academic performance, unsatisfactory classroom performance, or absenteeism/tardiness, or financial non-compliance.

Please contact us for more information or visit the APPLY PAGE to submit your application.

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