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IIYT Symposium on Clinical Advancements in Yoga Therapy and Research 2025

Now celebrating its 10th year, The International Institute of Yoga Therapy (IIYT), a fully accredited yoga therapy certification program, is pleased to host the






Join Keynote Speakers Dr. Dean Ornish, MD and Dr. Timothy McCall, MD along with distinguished leaders

in health care for this landmark event.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit will be available. Details coming soon

Continuing Education with YA and IAYT has been approved.​ 


This CME event provides health care professionals, yoga therapists and interested individuals working in related health care organizations a forum providing scholarly information about clinical applications and research in yoga therapy. The  faculty includes leading MDs, PhDs, and Yoga Therapists providing fellowship with like-minded professionals in an exhilarating environment of cutting-edge research and clinical evidence relating to credible, effective, and affordable opportunities for furthering yoga therapy as a non-pharmaceutical, patient-directed, first line multi-module intervention for pain, stress, and anxiety management.


Scholarly data supports a steadily increasing numbers the roles of Yoga Therapy as a safe, effective, non-pharmacological, cost-reductive intervention for pain, anxiety, stress, and fear aspect within multimodal management for inpatient and outpatient populations. Although interest is keen, implementation and access to recourses remain undefined. This leaves both clinicians and patients with reduced guidance to credible, accessible, affordable, and efficacious patient-centered self-management tools. Presenters in this series have established the precedent of using Yoga Therapy as part of their multi-module access to treatment and research. Presenters will describe and respond to the effects of clinical applications of yoga therapy within their departments and how their resolve to do so was determined, measured, and implemented. 

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